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As we think about the poor, the abused, the helpless...what can our compassion accomplish for them?

A lot. It takes just a few minutes with the news to know the needs in the slums, the refugee camps, the AIDs orphans. No individual can solve the world's needs. But perhaps we could do something.

Here are some ideas.

the poor, help the poorOne great way to help is through micro-loans. One recipient was Paul Mungai, who runs a cobbler shop in Kenya. Ironically, Paul cannot walk without crutches, yet he knows how to make and fix shoes. And he knows how to run a business.

He started with just $50 of seed money, and now has, by Kenyan standards, a sound business. He's feeding his family, he's paying his rent, his kids have uniforms to wear to school, and everyone in his care has enough to live on.

There's a gleam in his eye, because Paul knows that there is only one path out of poverty. Entrepreneurship and business success. Many are willing to learn a skill and be self-sufficient. They just need a small boost to get started, which micro-loans provide.

Micro-loans allow people to begin vegetable gardens, or farms, or purchase sewing machines to start a clothing business.

Another approach might be for you to actually go to a third-world country. Maybe for a short time, maybe longer. See if you could help on a grass-roots, local level. If you can't go, maybe you could help those who do go.
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